Next-gen beverage cans, your way.

Aluminate cans are the aluminum can the beverage industry’s been waiting for. Metallic, matte, gloss, and textured finishes are all possible on the same can. Aluminate digitally printed cans hold up to tunnel pasteurization and high-speed production. Industry-leading performance, lightning quick turn-around times, and no minimum order quantities ensure your beverage brand’s success with Aluminate cans.

The can is your canvas.

On crowded shelves, a spotlight shines on brands in Aluminate cans. Boundaries have been lifted for designers to create a new world of possibilities. The traditional limitations of can decoration no longer apply.

Aluminate cans offer unlimited color matching, gradients, and halftones. Photorealistic images can be combined with tactile embellishments to create multisensorial experiences.

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Everbody’s crazy ‘bout a sharp dressed can.
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