BPANI vs. epoxy… choosing the right aluminum can liner.

Epoxy and BPANI (BPA non-intent) are two different materials used as liners for aluminum cans in the food and beverage industry.


Epoxy liners are a type of liner used in aluminum cans to protect beverages from coming into direct contact with the metal. The liners are made by applying a thin layer of epoxy resin to the interior surface of the can, creating a barrier between the contents and the aluminum.

Epoxy liners have been used for many years in the beverage packaging industry due to their excellent barrier properties, durability, and resistance to corrosion. They are also effective at preventing spoilage and protecting the flavor and quality of the drink contained within the can. Aluminate offers epoxy liners in the following cans 8.4oz slims, 7.5oz sleeks, 8.4oz sleeks, 12oz sleeks, 12oz standards, 16oz, 19.2oz, 750ml Crowlers, and 32oz Crowlers. We also have epoxy liners available for silver 200, 202, and 300 ends.


BPANI liners are free from Bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical that has been used in the production of plastics but has raised potential health concerns. BPA-Non-Intent liners are used in food and beverage containers as an alternative to traditional epoxy liners. These liners are made of materials that do not contain BPA.

There is no conclusive scientific evidence that proves BPA causes cancer or is a endocrine disruptor. Some science led places like California to want to get rid of BPA liners. While epoxy with BPA is still acceptable to use in CA, labels must visibly say that BPA could be in the liner of the container and therefore could cause cancer or endocrine disrupts. Most companies want to avoid a label like that on their products and choose to use BPANI lined cans if their beverages are sold in California.

Gen 1 was the first BPANI liner to come out after 2015 research and is an acrylic based product. The reaction to the acrylic is what a lot of people worry about, although 99.9% of beverages on the market would be fine. Gen 1 also has Styrene. Aluminate does not supply cans with GEN 1 liners.

Gen 2 is an epoxy-based liner without BPA intentionally added. It’s a closer relative to the more reliable epoxy liner than Gen 1. Gen 2 doesn’t have Styrene. Aluminate’s supplies BPANI cans with GEN 2 liners. Aluminate offers BPANI Gen2 liners in the following cans 8.4oz slims, 7.5oz sleeks, 8.4oz sleeks, 12oz sleeks, 12oz standards, 16oz, and 19.2oz. We also have this available in silver, gold, and black 202 ends.

Which liner is right for my beverage?

Both of Aluminate’s liners are acceptable for 99.9% of liquids. Epoxy is still our preferred choice and most reliable liner. Unless your beverage is sold in California, we recommend our epoxy lined cans. Aluminate offers corrosivity tests to see how a liquid would react to the liner and the aluminum. Email us at hello@aluminatecans.com to submit liquid for a corrosivity test.

We hope that was enlightening.
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