Why Aluminate?

Aluminate cans ensure brand designs emerge as envisioned on the outside of the can, while the taste and feel of the beverage is safeguarded inside.

Aluminate uses proprietary ink technology for precise detailed printing that appears delicate, yet extremely durable. Ardagh cans with BPANI Gen II liners are the primary cans Aluminate sources. Like brewmasters are resolute on using quality ingredients to achieve the perfect brew, Aluminate cans are the can brands choose to showcase the perfection they have achieved.

No minimum quantities.

All beverage companies, regardless of size, should experience the benefits of highlighting their brands in Aluminate cans. Order any quantity you need… for a pilot run to multiple truckloads.

More possibilities.

Aluminate cans have more detail with tactile, matte, gloss, and metallic finishes… all possible on the same can with an unlimited number of colors.

5x faster = lower cost.

Aluminate’s cutting-edge printers operate at speeds 5x faster than market competitors. Faster speeds = lower production costs = lower cost cans.

More durable.

Aluminate cans are guaranteed not to chip, flake, or peel – even through tunnel pasteurization.

Safe + affordable shipping.

Aluminate cans ship for less through a dedicated, nationwide distribution network. Meaning your cans arrive on time, safely, and affordably.

More sustainable.

Aluminate cans align with your sustainability goals of emissions reductions and higher recycling rates. Sustainable brands choose Aluminate cans over pressure sensitive labels (PSLs) or shrink sleeves that create useless plastic waste.

  • Aluminate beverage cans are infinitely recyclable.
  • Aluminate cans circularity lifecycle is dependent on recycling. Aluminate’s mission is to promote and educate to continually improve recycling rates.
  • Recycling an Aluminate can saves 95% of the energy used to make a new can and no new material needs to be mined or transported.
  • Cans need to be transported to customers for filling. Aluminate partners with freight companies using sustainable shipping methods like green fleets, rail,and intermodal.

Really seems like a no-brainer, doesn’t it?
Ready to Aluminate your beverage?