Printing capabilities.

Unlimited color matching? Gradients? Halftones? Yes! Photorealistic images can even be combined with tactile embellishments to create multi-sensory beverage experiences (ooooh fancy). And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Get the details below.

Unlimited color matching

Using 11 simultaneous process colors (plus three additional print embellishments), Aluminate can match specific colors or Pantones with unprecedented accuracy, far beyond any four color or Hexachrome system.

Over 95% of the Pantone Plus color space with ΔE<2.0 can be printed all at the same time.

This means you can create amazing decorations and brand differentiation utilizing any number of specific colors, including Pantones, without limitations.

Limitless gradients and halftones

With Aluminate direct-to-shape digital technology there is no inaccuracy when printing fine gradients. Get smooth, controlled, and reliable gradation from any color to any color, whether horizontal, vertical or diagonal, as many times as required.

Photorealistic images

It has arrived! Printed can decoration that matches the intended original design. With extended color gamut, highly accurate color registration, and resolution of up to 1,200 dpi, Aluminate technology enables you to print extremely vibrant sharp images and pictures.

Now you can achieve the high-quality photorealistic images required for brand success, accelerating your ability to meet the customization and personalization trends for which ultra-realistic images are crucial.

Sharp text

Ultra-high color registration, zero shifting, and drop shape control ensure that Aluminate text quality is nearly identical to offset.

You are able to achieve high-quality process colors – not just spot colors or the basic process colorants – as well as text with inter-color gradients to make your text stand out.

Unique substrate interactions

Raise ink and substrate interaction to a whole new level with Aluminate high opacity digital white ink. Unlike analog technologies, the white ink can be applied selectively. This feature enables you to print the highly transparent process colors on top of the white, to create designs that completely decouple the decoration from the substrate color.

Make use of the widest range of metallic colors when decorating on aluminum brite cans, add selective white base color effects and so much more.

Tactile embellishments

High-accuracy tactile embossing is as easy as any other digital ink; just another separation as any other process color.

Create instant Braille text, actual text and logo embossing, image embossing, tactile effects on thin lines and more.

The digital tactile embossing embellishment is delivered in addition to the full set of process colors.

Gloss + matte embellishments

Gain the freedom to apply highly transparent and reflective digital gloss as well as highly transparent and diffusive digital matte – selectively.

Plus, take advantage of unlimited highly granular gradients from full gloss to full matte.

Both digital gloss and digital matte are delivered in addition to the full set of process colors.

360° endless designs

The Aluminate direct-to-shape industrial digital solution makes truly endless decoration options possible.

You can achieve full 360° decoration regardless of production diameter tolerances, using Aluminate’s unique real-time manipulation algorithms.

Plus, you can eliminate the visual seamline on cans with on-seam decoration.

End-to-end decoration

The unique capabilities of Aluminate inks deliver full functionality on any material or coating, coupled with unique color management algorithms, to expand the decoration space like never before.

This includes printing on the chime and neck of beverage cans – which are an integral part of the overall decoration space.

Now a premium, differentiated look can be added to any can, opening up a world of design possibilities.

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